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This mobile content campaign Noticias Águila or News Eagle it’s an application that adds the latest information on current news regarding Mexican affairs. For new marketers managing a news application campaign for a Mexican audience is a great start. The developer Noticias is accepting all carrier and internet service provider traffic. When handling large scale distribution being creative is easy. Separating ISP and device data in your initial campaign launch is wise.


What the developer wants for my network is below.


Conversion User Flow:

1. User is redirected on Google Play to download the APP

2. User has to install and open the APP

Once find fraud traffic, we would not pay.

Traffic from creative which did not get approved will not be paid.

Traffic encountering user complaints will not be paid.

Geo: MX

Device: Android

Carriers: All carrier


Silent traffic allowed: NO

Incentivized Traffic allowed: NO

Adult traffic allowed: NO

Push Notification traffic allowed: No

Pop traffic allowed: NO

Re-broking traffic allowed: NO

Redirect traffic allowed: NO

Search traffic allowed: Yes

Wifi traffic allowed: Yes

In – App Display: Yes



Telephone land lines‎: ‎19.8 million (2011)
Mobile lines‎: ‎94.5 million (2011)
Telephone country code‎: ‎+ 52
Internet country code‎: ‎mx

Communications in Mexico are regulated by the Secretariat of Communication and Transportation (Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes or SCT), a federalexecutivecabinet ministry and by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones or IFT).

Mexico’s communication services market is among the largest in Latin America,[1] liberalized in the 1990s, with the landmark privatization of Teléfonos de México (Telmex), a previously state-owned monopoly. Since then, new operators have entered the market, but Telmex still remains the dominant player.

Major Networks

1 Telcel D-AMPS
850/1900 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+
1700 MHz LTE
73.7[3] (December 2015) América Móvil (100%)
2 Movistar GSM-1900 (GPRS, EDGE)
850/1900 MHz UMTS, HSPA+
1900 MHz LTE
24.9[4] (December 2015) Telefónica (100%)[5]
3 AT&T Mexico (Includes Unefon) GSM-850/1900 MHz (GPRS, EDGE)
1700 MHz UMTS, HSPA+
1700 MHz LTE
10.41[90] (September 2015) AT&T Inc.

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