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UberEATS for Perth, Australia is my first local campaign for mobile content. Unlike other campaigns I’ve ran in the past this campaign is very limited. The application supports iOS and is strictly for Perth, Australia. Before setting up this campaign I’ll likely contact a traffic source directly. When an advertiser requires city geographic locations it always good to have direct contact with your source. Due to the smaller audience and higher payout I’m expecting to spending a good amount on testing. Regarding traffic quality premium traffic is my main target. When targeting Apple mobile content with a higher budget I usually separate OS versions. Like all mobile content campaigns posted on this blog you have to be very patient.

Perth Population: 1.834 million (2012)



KPI: 33% above users need to use Uber for the first order successful

Conversion User Flow:
1. User is redirected on to download the application package
2. User has to open the application and register.

GEO:AU Perth

Device: IOS

Carriers: All carrier

Push Notification traffic allowed:NO

Incentivized Traffic allowed:NO

Display Traffic allowed:YES

Email Traffic allowed:NO

Adult traffic allowed: NO

SMS Traffic allowed: NO

Wifi traffic allowed: yes

Redirected traffic: NO

Pop Traffic: NO



As of March 2011, the number of mobile phone subscriptions in Australia was recorded to be 29.28 million which corresponds to a penetration rate of 129.482% over an estimated population of around 21.8 million.[5][6]

The country’s telecom regulator is the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Rank Operator Technology Subscribers
(in millions)
1 Telstra 850/2100[7] MHz UMTS, DC-HSPA+
700(28)/900(8)/1800(3)/2600(7) MHz LTE, LTE-A
16.9[8] (Dec 2015) Telstra
2 Optus GSM-900 MHz (GPRS, EDGE)
900/2100 MHz UMTS, DC-HSPA+
700(28)/1800(3)/2100(1)/2600(7) MHz FD-LTE, LTE-A
2300 MHz TD-LTE
9.37[9] (Dec 2015) Singtel (100%)
3 Vodafone
•Includes the previous 3network.
850/900/2100 MHz UMTS, DC-HSPA+
850(5)/1800(3) MHz LTE-A
5.255[10] (Jun 2015) Vodafone (50%) Hutchison Telecom (50%)


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