Types Of Mobile Content Part 1

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If your campaign goal is to drive up your real-time sales, one of the most effective types of mobile content are mobile coupons. Mobile coupons are much more effective than newspaper coupons on Sunday mornings. When optimized digital coupons can fulfill a consumer’s needs instantly. As a result, the chances that consumers will redeem the offer on site increase greatly. Timing is everything when it comes to mobile coupon delivery. Make sure that the coupon can be accessed and redeemed when the consumer is ready. Unlike recent post this short blog is part of a mini series  that share the different types of mobile content available for advertising. Below are a list of major mobile coupon providers.



Top Couponing Apps to Save Money (Mobile Content Providers)
SnipSnap is a mobile coupon app founded in Philadelphia that allows users to take a photograph of a printed coupon in order to find or create a mobile coupon, which can be redeemed in store.
Coupon Sherpa is an online resource that provides access to a wide-ranging collection of coupon codes, grocery store coupons, and in-store printables to help users save the most money on their shopping trips
Shopkick is a mobile app that uses your GPS to determine your shopping location and then loads coupons on your phone to use when you walk into the store! You can also earn rewards and gift cards by accruing points for completing tasks on the app or in-store.
Checkout 51 is a company that partners with brands to bring its members cash back offers. The cash for redeemed offers is paid to Checkout 51 by the brands. That money is then passed on to the members when they request a cash out payment.
Yipit is a VC-backed technology company focused on data aggregation and analysis. … For investors, YipitData aggregates online data about publicly traded companies to derive their operating performance.




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