Analyzing Mobile Content “Daily Love Horoscopes(Vodafone) IN”

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Conversion Flow: 2-click flow

GEO: India

Device: IOS/Android/Windows Phone

Carrier: Vodafone ONLY

Other Restrictions: No UCweb, Opera, and MAUI



Today I’ll once again share my prospective on running a mobile offers. The offer on this post is a carrier billing offer for Vodafone its a simple two click flow for IOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Like in previous post I’ll share definitions on key marketing terms and details on narrowing data for profit. For those who are completely new to marketing feel free to contact me for help. I’m available through the contact form or on twitter.

Running The Campaign!

For this offer please be advise you will need a budget  when targeting carriers. A higher bid is necessary to receive your share of traffic. Depending on your budget you may want to run each OS separately. This company does not allow WiFi.  test your traffic source because you are never guaranteed 100% carrier traffic!  Below are stats and definitions

What is carrier billing?
direct carrier billing. Making purchases that are charged to the customer’s phone account. Also called “direct operator billing” and “mobile content billing,” for decades, this has been the telephone company’s method for charging additional services, such as long distance and pay-per-minute 900 numbers.
Vodafone Stats

Following is the Vodafone India subscriber base statistics as on September, 2014.

Subscriber Base Statistics as on September, 2015
Telecom Cicle No. of Subscribers
Gujarat 15,801,117
Uttar Pradesh(East) 14,526,236
Maharashtra 12,977,123
West Bengal 11,165,667
Tamil Nadu 9,777,927
Rajasthan 8,565,366
Uttar Pradesh(West) 8,999,073
Andhra Pradesh 2,224,689
Delhi 8,449,120
Goa 7,134,576
Karnataka 6,452,620
Kerala 6,067,506
Bihar 6,381,278
Kolkata 4,084,284
Punjab 4,309,853
Haryana 4,437,015
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh 4,101,877
Chennai 2,091,411
Odisha 2,789,575
Assam (North East) 2,188,073
North East 928,563
Jammu & Kashmir 666,009
Himachal Pradesh 475,329
Mumbai 6,160,353

Total number of Vodafone India Subscribers : 141,519,840, i.e. 21.54% of the total 657,158,013Indian mobile phone subscribers.

Billing Conversion Flow

Two click is a install after two actions(clicks or two web pages)


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